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Kentucky Rehab Center is a leading inpatient and outpatient rehab service in Kentucky. We take great pride in offering exceptional healthcare services in superbly blended facilities. We not only offer the best rehab recovery programs but also provide esteem building activities to our patients.

Drug Rehab Kentucky

Cozy and comforting environment of Kentucky Rehab Center gives our patients an optimistic atmosphere for effective recovery. We understand the distressing encounters that bring our patients to us and by offering the finest environment to cure the addiction we make our patients believe that there is still hope and they can live a better life. With daily supervision, we assist our clients in the recovery process, providing care and support to assist them in attaining their set goals.

Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe that initial step in quality rehab treatment is to complete an extensive addiction review and develop a personalized treatment plan that works. We believe that early intervention can help addicts in preventing a chemical dependency. And, advanced recovery programs can give them a chance to gain a life of abstinence. Kentucky Rehab Center believes that family education and counseling will improve associations and results in support for patients struggling with addiction. Kentucky Rehab Center also believes that by employing a mix of addiction treatment programs like cognitive behavior therapy, intensive outpatient, 12-Step and relapse prevention program can help in accomplishing disorders and ultimately results in a healthy and a clear-headed life.

Kentucky Rehab Center Mission

Our mission dictates: contribution of people is an imperative part of a prolific society. To help Kentuckians with addiction trauma and to attain life filled with happiness and independence, we admire the privileges and dignity of addicts by pursuing them towards employment. We also value the mutual endeavors and partnerships that aid in maintaining our mission.

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